• Concrete Gloves hand gloves

    Item Code: 2G7003

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Safety Jogger Concrete GlovesThe seamless CONCRETE gloves of safety Jogger are designed for light and delicate handlings for which maximum comfort and dexterity are a must. Appropriate for assembly in dry and or light oily environments.·         Cotton glove·         Nitril grip·   &n..
  • Construto Gloves

    Item Code: 2G7004

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Safety Jogger Construto GlovesThe seamless CONSTRUCTO gloves of Safety Jogger are designed for general use. Cotton/polyester liner with green latex coating on the palm of the hand. The most used glove for handling for which high abrasion resistance and dexterity are a must!·         Cotton lining·   &nbs..
  • Cotton Hand Gloves

    Item Code: 2G7012

    Availability: In Stock

    White or Blackcotton hand glove• Heat resistant glove• Heat resistant knitted with cotton• Comfortable• Two layer designed to delay time of heat transfer to hand• Hand fit and unbelievable dexterity  ..
  • Shield Glove

    Item Code: 2G7001

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Safety Jogger Shield gloveThe seamless SHIELD cut resistant gloves of Safety Jogger guarantee a huge dexterity, safety, grip and reliability. They were designed to provide maximal strength in heavy working conditions·         Polyethylene anti cut glove (HPPE).·         Polyurethane an..
  • Superpro Gloves

    Item Code: 2G7002

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Safety Jogger Superpro GlovesThe seamless SUPERPRO polyester gloves of Safety Jogger are designed for light and delicate work activities for which dexterity and sensitivity are required. The black coating provides a remarkable good grip in a light oily environment.·         Polyester gloves.·     &n..
  • Zion Nitrile Glove

    Item Code: 2G7021

    Availability: In Stock

    The Zion nitrile glove is cost effective, flat-dipped work glove that has an ergonomic shape and is abrasion resistant. The 10-gauge seamless knitted cotton/polyester liner provides a very comfortable fit.Zion Nitrile Gloves Features: Oil Resistant Green nitrile palm & fingertip coating Excellent g..

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