Cleaning Equipment

  • Mop Bucket & Wringer

    Item Code: 6H8010

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    Mob Bucket & WringerProduct Description • Powerful cleaner with 100% dehydration• ABS plastic material• Double compartment (soap and Water) water separator• Comes with a separate mop squeeze compartment(press handle) wringer• Offers an amazingly simple and fast method of keeping y..
  • Recycle Waste Bin-round slit

    Item Code: 6H8006

    Availability: In Stock

    Quality recyclable bins for  paper, glass, plastics & metals easy to handle and is very affordable. These  Bins has a pedal with a round slit for plastic disposables They are resistant to heat, frost, decay, chemicals  The lids are available in a range of colours that can be 'mixed and matched' to suit..
  • Wet Floor Sign

    Item Code: 6H8009

    Availability: In Stock

    Features Include: Sets up Quickly Folds for Storage Handy Handle for Carrying Plastic Construction Won't rust Graphics on BOTH sides 1 3/4" wide at the base, 9" wide on top  24" Tall..

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