Head Protection

  • Bump Cap

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    Bump CapBump Cap from Bullard combines comfort and protection for the wearer in the style of a Baseball cap. It has a light weight design, and benefits in strength and protection from a molded ABS inner skull cap. Suitable for :  Automotive service centers, Distribution centers, Food/beverage processing, Maintaince, Tra..
  • Bump Cap Helmet

    Item Code: 4PP026

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    Bump Cap (Helmet)Bump caps reduces exposure to lacerations and abrasions caused by minor bumps to the head. Bump caps are appropriate ONLY for work situations which do not require ANSI compliant head protectionFeatures·         Durable, molded from high-density polyethylene· &nbs..
  • Disposable Nurse Cap (100 Pieces in a packet)

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    Disposable  Nurse CapHair protection device for food processing and handling, manufacturing, household cleaning, cooking, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, protective, laboratorial, catering and industrial sectors. It is good for workers in hospitals, clinics, electronic workplaces, restaurants, hotels, catering, kitch..

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